Modern chinese dating

“If you’re not going to have a kid, why even get married in the first place?” After three years of constant peer pressure, the couple’s resolve broke. The couple paint a frank picture of their current lives.When I interviewed them for my research, they expressed a general dislike of children and a deep understanding of the responsibilities and difficulties that come with raising a child.

Some hope to avoid the cost of raising children and pursue their own personal development.

The emergence of DINK couples, who have stable incomes and choose not to have children, has given young people more room to make their own choices within the marital system.

However, Chinese couples who choose to remain childless still face tremendous pressure to continue the family line.

Others express a desire to rebel against traditional child-rearing culture, concerns about the world their children will inherit, or a belief that only women may decide what to do with their bodies.

However, many of these couples ultimately buckle under the pressure of traditional beliefs or peer pressure.

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